As with any window covering, your plantationThermalite shutters require care and maintenance to increase their lifespan. Read our best care tips below for keeping your plantation shutters in perfect shape. 

Dusting and Wiping  

Dust the slats of your blinds regularly to keep them looking their best. Use a cloth that’s clean and dry and won’t shed fibers. Work from the middle of the slats to the outside and from top to bottom of each window and shutter panel. Aim to do this either once a week or fortnightly. The same system applies to wiping your blinds. 

Use a Vacuum Cleaner White plantation style wood Shutters for luxury Interior Design in condo

This will make cleaning your plantation shutters easier. Use the soft upholstery attachment and the associated power settingWork from top to bottom and center to the outer edges in the same way as you would with a cloth. 

Clean the Nooks 

Don’t forget to clean the nooks. A soft toothbrush is ideal for removing dust from corners and a feather duster will extend your reachmaking it easier to clean. 

Dry with a Microfiber Cloth 

For a great finish, dry your plantation shutters with a microfiber cloth. Don’t worry too much about water on your shutters as most of the range, aside from timber shutters is water resistant. 

Rub a Fabric Dryer Sheet 

A great little hack to stop dust accumulating, rub a fabric dryer sheet on each side of the slats while they’re closed. Dryer sheets are anti-static and repel dust particles. 

Get your Shutters Checked 

If you’ve followed all the care tips for plantation shutters but are still experiencing function issues, it’s time to get them checked by a professional. Shutters not opening and closing properly is a tell-tale sign to call your shutter provider, for service advice and contacts. 

Different Care for Different Shutters 

Keep in mind that different care methods are required for different shutters, as they are made from different materials. When your cleaning timber shutters, avoid using too much water or liquid cleaners, as this can cause discolouration and warping.  

Caring for Thermalite Shutters 

Thermalite plantation shutter technology – Thermalite Shuttersrequires specific care and maintenance to be followed: 

  • Proper operation to minmise damage and overall problems (i.e. ensure blades are closed before opening shutters). 
  • Wash with a mild soap and water or a mild house hold dishwashing liquid using a soft cloth. 
  •  Never use harsh chemicals or abrasives. 
  • Never use any chlorine based cleaners or cleaning products containing organic solvents. 
  • A wipe and regular silicone spray is recommended for all shutter hardware. 

Follow these care tips for your plantation shutters and rest assured that they will last for years. For more great tips and other information on shutters, contact our team at Total Look Blinds today. 

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