Child Safe Blinds for Your Home 

For most young families who have blinds installed in their home, child safety with blinds is always a key consideration. Most new blinds these days are created following strict safety guidelines to minimise the risk of injury. However, each type of window furnishing comes with potential risks for child injuries, some of which can be mitigated.  Portrait of an innocent small boy peeping through window with jalousie

Potential Issues with Blinds  

Depending on the material and style, vertical and Venetian blinds can pose some safety risks. Young children can catch their fingers in individual slats. On aluminium or older plastic slats, there are sharp edges that children can cut their fingers on. Roller blinds are widely popular but can feature a cord or chain that children can pull on or become tangled in.  

Safety Solutions for Blind Cords 

Blind cords have been a particularly big concern. There are solutions to keeping cords out of harm’s way, so your child can be safe, and you don’t have to limit your choice when selecting blinds. This can be as simple as tying the cords up so they are out of reach of children. Safety clips can also be mounted on the wall to keep cords and chains at a particular height.  

Child Proof Blind Options 

Some families prefer to use window furnishings that don’t have cords and chains. This includes spring loaded roller blinds and motorised roller blinds. Both eliminate the need for cords or chains that children can grab onto. However, there is no need to completely redo the window furnishings in your house to keep your kids safe.  

Child Proofing Existing Blinds 

If you find that your existing blinds are not child friendly, there are a number of ways you can improve their safety. This includes switching an operating cord for a wand, which is twisted to lift or lower the blind. Other solutions include a chain breaker connector which prevent tugging as well as tension pulleys, blind cord stoppers, rear breakaway cord connectors and cleats.  

Quality Shutters and Blinds in Auckland 

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