Custom Made Blinds Are Simply Better

There are so many compelling reasons why our custom made blinds are simply better. They are so much superior to the off-the-shelf equivalent that we are surprised there is still a market for ready-made blinds. 

So, where do we begin in highlighting the major difference between our custom made blinds and off the shelf products? The best place to start is with our custom design and manufacture in our Takanini factory. They are made using the finest materials and under our very strict quality control. The alternative you see on a shelf is usually imported, so it arrives very much “sight unseen” in terms of the materials that were used and how it was made. The price might be cheap but that just reflects the inferior quality in many cases.

With our custom made blinds you order exactly what you want, and we will make it that way for you. We can deliver samples showcasing different colours and fabrics so you can determine what will work best for you and the room. There is no need for you to compromise by accepting what you get out of a packet and having to live with it. Plus,  as a very big and important bonus, you know they will be the perfect fit for your window. 

Fit is one of the biggest benefits of asking us to custom manufacture your blinds. Ready-made options work on the myth that all windows are the same shape and size. In our experience, nothing is further from the truth, especially in modern home designs. When you don’t get the fit just right, you let in light and glare and leave yourself open to prying eyes on the outside. You will struggle to control room temperature as well – remember, our blinds are excellent at cooling rooms in summer and warming them in winter. With our custom made blinds, the right fit is assured.

With a custom made solution, you also have access to our expert advice when considering colour, fabric and styles. While pretty much every blind company offers a free measure and quote service, very few provide a colour and fabric consultation. We do! Yet another reason to contact the custom made blind specialists. We’ll ensure you’re totally satisfied and completely happy with your blinds, and that is how it should be.

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