Shutters vs. Blinds: Which is Right for You?

White plantation style shutters in residence in Auckland.Consider both the style and function of different items when it is time to redecorate. Window coverings offer many different ways to control the amount of light and ventilation a room in your home receives, while at the same time providing a stylish accessory. There are a variety of types of shutters and blinds on the market, each offering different benefits. At Total Look Blinds, we are the experts when it comes to giving you high-quality shutters and blinds for your home.

To help you make the right choice, we have come up with this quick comparison.

Shutters: A Classic Look for Any Home

The main benefit of choosing to go with shutters is that they provide a classic aesthetic that fits any home, regardless of whether your decor is more traditional or contemporary.

Shutters are also great because they allow for a simple and easy control of the louvres in order to let in as much or as little airflow and sunlight as you desire. These are great for warm environments, as the large louvre spaces allow more ventilation.

Material is everything when it comes to shutters. Traditional timber looks the best, but it is not as efficient as, say, Thermalite shutters, which we use at Total Look Blinds. These look and feel like wood, but they have the advantage of being made from 100% renewable synthetic materials, so you know that no natural resources were destroyed in the manufacturing process. These shutters also provide more insulation than wood or vinyl shutters, and their superb paint finish ensures that they will not yellow, chip, fade or crack.

Blinds: Multi-Faceted With a Variety of Designs

If you have ruled out shutters, you will have to choose from a variety of blinds. Blinds offer you total privacy and control, so these are best, perhaps, if you live in a dense or more urban area and want to ensure the privacy of your family.

However, some blinds, like our roller sunscreen blinds, are perfect if you have a house with a view, but want to keep out the harsh rays of sunshine. The sheer fabric allows you to keep an eye out your window and still stay cool and unaffected by the sun. Translucent roller blinds give you a similar effect.

Of course, roller blockout blinds give you the exact opposite effect, completely shielding you from the outside world and the outside world from you. Perfect for mornings when you want to sleep in!

Venetian blinds give you a more timeless aesthetic, as well as light and privacy control. You can also choose to get Venetian-style blinds made as custom timber or PVC blinds. And finally, vertical blinds give you diffused light and view, or complete blockout as you wish.

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