Beat The Heat With Blackout Blinds

Now we’re not saying that you can throw out your heat pump after installing our blackout blinds. But when you do install roller blackout blinds, you are adding a very energy efficient feature to the room, one that could save you a significant amount of money – and that amount of money could be multiplied with each room you put them in. In this post, we’ll explain what we mean! 

Blackout blinds are usually associated with their ability to block sunlight and keep rooms dark, which is great for promoting a good night’s sleep. They’re also seen as effective barriers between the inside of your home and prying eyes outside, so they’re a privacy and security measure as well. And let’s not forget they also absorb sound effectively. But you can think of our blackout blinds as being very good at temperature control as well.

With sunlight comes heat. When that light is blocked from entering a space, so too is heat. This is why our custom-made and perfectly-fitting roller blinds are so good at keeping a room cool over summer. When used instead of conventional air conditioning, they can be highly effective, and so much cheaper to run! 

What is often overlooked is that our roller blinds not only help reduce heat during the summer months but can also increase room temperature during the winter. Here’s how it works. First,  the gap in between your blinds and the window sill traps air that has been relatively heated by the sun. This warm air rises and once it does, it is distributed throughout the room. Furthermore, the warm air produced by artificial heating systems, such as heat pumps, is blocked by the blinds from leaving the room. If it wasn’t for the blinds, heat would escape through the windows as they have poor heat retention. 

What makes our roller blackout blinds particularly good at cooling and warming rooms is the materials they’re made from. This material is, first and foremost, a barrier to keep out light. But it is such a good barrier that it stops heat from coming in during summer, and heat from escaping in winter. We can’t think of any other curtain fabric that is as good at doing this.

Our blackout roller blinds won’t be enough for you to stop using that heat pump! But they play a substantial role in diminishing the usage of the appliance and your dependence on it. That will save you a lot of money in the future thanks to one smart investment in our blinds. For a free quote, click here and we’ll be in touch. 

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