Choosing the right blinds

Making the right choice!

Things to consider when making a decision regarding the purchase of blinds.

  • Get the best advice when considering colour and fabric choices. The choice you make will affect your everyday living so you need to be very happy with your choice. All blind companies offer a free measure and quote service. This only gives you the sizes of your windows and a price for the cheapest product. It is strongly recommended to include a colour and fabric consultation. There are a number of reputable companies that will offer this service free of charge at the measure and quote stage. Ask for this when you arrange for a visit, if the company cannot provide this then they are only order takers and most likely you won’t get what you want.
  • Do not choose ready-made blinds. While cheap these blinds will not satisfy most people. These blinds are most often made with the controls split to either end (making it difficult to operate) so that the blind can be cut down to fit your window. Also the blinds are usually cut down at one end making the blind look uneven. It is best to have your blinds custom made to fit your window, this protects you against bad fitting blinds and you will get a better warranty.
  • If you are a DIY type person and want to do it yourself, I would think again. Let the blind company do all the measuring and installing this way you will not face the cost of a remake because of a mistake plus you would have been given the necessary advice along the way to make the correct decisions. If you live in an isolated area and can’t get a blind company to call out then choose a company that has a section on their website that explains how to measure and install.
  • Ordering over the internet. This is not recommended unless you live in an isolated area. Companies that sell blinds through the internet are not interested in you as a customer because they are taking out the most important step, helping you make a decision. You cannot make the right choice with colour and texture of fabric if you do not have the opportunity to touch and see the fabric in your house, presented in such a way as to see how the fabric will interact with all your other colour choices.
    When choosing a company consider all the above plus how long the company has been making blinds (do they have the resources to come back to you to fix any problems) and the warranty they offer. A three to five year warranty is necessary to protect your investment.

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