Wooden Blinds

Warmth that only timber can achieve!

Wooden blinds offer a warmth to a home or office that only timber can. Our wooden blinds are made from plantation cedar. These timbers are light and offer superior strength and resistance to bowing and twisting as well as having the beautiful timber look and feel.

We also offer painted timber blinds to fit in with your decor. They are made with our heavy duty aluminium head rail system and come with a three year warranty.

Artwood blinds are an artificial timber look alike blind manufactured out of PVC. Artwood blinds are ideal where a painted timber look is required but there is a limited budget. All the high quality components used in the timber blinds are used in the assembly of Artwood blinds.

Head Rail

  • Made from powder coated thick aluminium extrusion that is required to house our heavy duty components. The head rail gives maximum corrosion resistance


  • Bearing brackets lift the blind when the lifting cord is pulled. Our bearing brackets run quietly and smooth and area designed to take the weight of timber blinds
  • Our swivel cord lock provides the best locking system to hold your blind up at any height

Slat sizes

  • Timber Blinds come in both a 45mm and 60mm slat option
  • Artwood Blinds come in 50mm option only


  • A 70mm wide cedar fascia is applied to the aluminium head rail. this hides all the head rail and componentry giving an uninterrupted timber look to the blinds. When returns are used all fascia joints a mitered


  • There is a 3 year guarantee on all components and workmanship on timber blinds. However the finish whether it be lacquered or painted is not covered by any guarantee for discolouration. This is because we cannot get any guarantee from our suppliers on the finish applied to the cedar. For details on our guarantee contact the office