Vertical Blinds

The Ultimate in light control!

Vertical Blinds

The vertical hanging blind material can be turned up to 180 deg. thus giving greater control over direct sunlight while still allowing diffused light and view. When the vertical blinds fully shut, the block out fabric prevents any light penetrating through the fabric. The large colour choice makes for easy matching to any decor.

Head Rail Vertical Blind System:

  • Aluminium head rail of 1.2mm thickness to give extra support. The design is based on minimizing the head rail size and gap between head rail and blinds
  • Powder coated colour range
  • To ensure the best closure overlap of the fabric we have a combination of 9 stainless steel spacer sizes to choose from
  • The fabric is drawn either by polyester cord or polyester wand with the fabric running on carriers with wheels for a smooth operation. These carriers are designed so that the fabric is self aligning
  • All components are UV resistant
  • Installation brackets are unobtrusive being hidden away from view by the design of the track

Vertical Blinds Fabric:

  • All materials used consist of a 100% polyester cloth coated both side with an acrylic lead-free coating
  • This gives a total block out of the sun’s visible rays and a reduction of the solar heat. The solar heat gain coefficient varies from 0.15 to 0.21 (the higher the number the higher the heat gain.
  • Solar reflectance varies from 65% to 72%.
  • Fire ratings meet the following standards, AS1503-2 and 3. Colour fastness rating is 76-7 ISO
  • All materials are treated so as to allow for ease of cleaning, repels water, dirt and resists staining
  • A wide range of colours is available to ensure the best match for your decor
  • We can match to your Roller Blockout Blinds if required
  • The vertical system looks modern and clean
  • All materials are cut on a computer run cutter giving accurate drops each time ensuring the best fit.


we have a 3 year guarantee on all labour and components for our vertical blinds