Roller Blockout Blinds

A touch of class and privacy

Roller Blockout Blinds in Auckland

At Total Look Blinds, we are your experts in shutters and blinds and can help you decide on the best window blinds for your needs. Roller blockout blinds are a great option for those who wish to block out all daylight from entering their home or commercial space. You can learn more about our blockout blinds right here.

Attractive and Functional Blinds

Thanks to their practicality and timeless style, roller blockout blinds have been making a comeback in recent years. They are the perfect option for those looking to add a touch of class to their home or workplace. With a huge collection of gorgeous fabrics to choose from, you can match your new custom-made roller blockout blinds to perfectly reflect your individual style.
Blockout blinds offer superior privacy control, allowing you to completely block sunlight from entering a room.

Total Light Control through Blinds

If you’re seeking window blinds that offer complete control over the light entering your home, blockout blinds could be the perfect choice for you. At Total Look Blinds, we provide blind installations for a range of roller blockout blinds to suit any home or workplace. With unparalleled light control, blockout blinds are the ideal choice for shift workers, those with young children, or anyone that needs to create complete darkness. They also enable you to naturally cool and heat your home by regulating the amount of heat that enters and escapes your home.

Features and Mechanisms of Roller Blockout Blinds

At Total Look Blinds, we supply roller blockout blinds that meet the highest quality standards. Our aluminium tubes are between 0.9-1.7mm in thickness, resulting in a minimalist appearance that doesn’t sacrifice durability. Our sidewinder unites are crafted using high quality glass filled acetal bearing surfaces. The spring clutches on your blinds are constructed from 1.2-2.4mm hardened square spring wire. All our roller blockout blinds and sunscreen roller blinds are available in motorised models. This enables you to raise and lower your blinds via remote control.

Fabrics for Roller Blockout Blinds

All the fabrics in this range completely block out all light, i.e. no light penetrates the fabric. These fabrics give full privacy and great control of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer when fully down.


All the sunscreen and roller blockout range of blinds lend themselves to motorisation. This is where a motor is located inside the roller tube. The motor draws on 240 volt power and is operated via remote controls. For more information contact the office.


We have a 3-year guarantee on all components and fabrics. For details of our guarantee contact the office.

Need Roller Blockout Blind Installations?

If you need help choosing the right roller blockout blinds in Auckland, book a free quote with Total Look Blinds online, or call us in Auckland on 09-268 1880 for more information.


What are the benefits of roller blinds?
Total Look Blinds provide them in various styles to suit all of your requirements. These fabric options give you the ability to provide rooms with privacy from prying neighbours, adding additional security to your home. They can also control daylight, omitting heat and glare whilst allowing natural light to brighten your home during the day. Opt for our blockout blinds for total darkness in your bedroom and sleep great night after night.
Should roller blinds face in or out?
There’s no right answer when it comes to having blinds that face in or out and we are happy to install your blinds whichever way you desire, as well as offering you advice on the benefits of each. Facing in is neater to look at as the roll will be hidden out of view at the top of your window. This soption also offers more clearance for window handles. Facing out means the blinds will be much closer to the window which blocks sunlight incredibly well. This is the most common choice for customers.
How to take roller blinds down
Let our team of experts install your blinds to ensure they look their best, but if you need to temporarily remove your roller blinds to clean or redecorate, here’s how: Firstly, roll the blinds up fully. Then twist the plastic wheel located on the opposite side to your chain, this will retract the pin and the blind will fall into your hands, be ready. To replace the blinds, simple insert the chain side first and then slide the pin end into the bracket. Make sure your put it back in the same spot with the fabric on the roll or else your chain stoppers may not line up
Do roller blinds insulate?
Yes, roller blinds to help insulate your home with the long flowing fabric rather than being made up of slats, such as traditional venetian blinds. For the best insulation option, pair your home with blockout blinds which have good insulating qualities.
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