Roller Blockout Blinds

A touch of class and privacy

Roller blockout blinds (sometimes referred to as Holland Blinds) have been around for many years but are now making a strong comeback. New fabrics have revitalized the Roller blockout blinds. They add a touch of class to any home or office while offering full privacy.

Roller blockout blinds can be combined with sunscreen blinds on the same bracket to satisfy your day and night requirements. Roller blinds area the best option of window coverings for those who are looking for a minimalist look, combined luminosity and privacy control.

We have an amazing collection of high quality fabrics that provide privacy and glare control or blocking out the light. Roller blinds fabrics are proven not only to control luminosity, as well thermal comfort and superior design.

Day/ Night Brackets are available to allow for 2 blinds to be installed inside the window frame with a sunscreen roller blind positioned closest to the window and an additional blockout or translucent roller blind added in front, for night time privacy.

All fabrics are 100% Polyester in this range.

Mechanism of Roller Blockout Blinds

Operation of both the sunscreen blinds and roller blockout blinds work by the fabric rolling around a tube, the tube is turned by a sidewinder unit with operating chain.

  • Sunscreen and roller blinds today are operated by the sidewinder unit, this gives greater control and ease of operation.
  • The tube is aluminium of 0.9 to 1.7mm thickness.
  • Sidewinder units are made from glass filled acetal bearing surfaces. The spring clutch is constructed from 1.2mm*2.4mm hardened square spring wire.

Fabrics for Roller Blockout Blinds

All the fabrics in this range completely block out all light, i.e. no light penetrates the fabric. These fabrics give full privacy and great control of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer when fully down.


All the sunscreen and roller blockout range of blinds lend themselves to motorisation. This is where a motor is located inside the roller tube. The motor draws on 240 volt power and is operated via remote controls. For more information contact the office.


We have a 3-year guarantee on all components and fabrics. For details of our guarantee contact the office.