Sunlight coming in through blinds

How Custom-Designed Blinds Can Totally Change a Room

Old window blinds in need of replacement 23 years ago.

Is It Time for New Blinds?

One of the great things about blinds is how low maintenance they are. Despite being durable and easy to look after, your blinds will eventually reach their use-by date. To help you decide if your blinds have had their day […]
movie watchng movie in room with blockout blinds

Times You May Need Blockout Blinds

When thinking of blockout blinds, many people think of their application in the bedroom; to aid in blocking any external light, creating absolute darkness for a better night’s sleep. Of course, this is the most common use for blockout blinds […]
close up of PVC blinds

What to Consider When Buying PVC Blinds

When it comes to window coverings, wooden blinds are often considered the warmest, most genuine addition you can make to your home. However, there are other budget-friendly ways of achieving the wooden look. Just make sure you assess your options […]
woman cleaning Venetian blinds

How to Care for Your New Blinds

Like everything in life, a little bit of maintenance goes a long way in keeping your purchases looking and functioning at their best. You wouldn’t skip services on your car simply because it is new, and you should apply the […]
green roller blinds in a bedroom

FAQs about Roller Blinds

If you need to know about roller blinds, consider these frequently asked questions. For more information, contact us, your New Zealand blind specialists at Total Look Blinds. I have no idea which roller blinds to choose. Can you help me? […]