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Blinds for Small Windows

A closed off room can create a claustrophobic feeling in your home and add a negative space to the house you’ve worked so tirelessly to design. Our team of experts has analysed cost-effective and attractive options for placing blinds on […]
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Blinds – the Modern Way to Keep Out the Sun

When it comes to interior decorating and keeping out the sun, we have come a long way. From lightweight curtains to high-tech blinds designed specifically to suit a variety of needs, the range can be somewhat overwhelming to navigate.
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Blinds To Insulate Against the Cold

Keeping your house warm in the winter months can be difficult to achieve without running up your electricity bill. Uncovered windows allow 30% of your home’s natural heat to escape while relying on a heater is costly and can lead […]
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Combating UV Rays with Sunscreen Blinds

The importance of sun safety is something we learn from a very young age. We all know what to do to minimise dangerous UV ray exposure at the beach or the park, but few people realise the risk of UV […]
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Times You May Need Blockout Blinds

When thinking of blockout blinds, many people think of their application in the bedroom; to aid in blocking any external light, creating absolute darkness for a better night’s sleep. Of course, this is the most common use for blockout blinds […]
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What to Consider When Buying PVC Blinds

When it comes to window coverings, wooden blinds are often considered the warmest, most genuine addition you can make to your home. However, there are other budget-friendly ways of achieving the wooden look. Just make sure you assess your options […]