Benefits of Custom-Made Window Coverings 

Like a tailor-made dress or suit, made-to-measure window coverings offer you more benefits over off-the shelf options. Discover these benefits below.  

Why is Custom Made the Preferred Choice? 

Window coverings make an important difference to your interior, whether it’s residential or commercial, so they need to fit well, be operated easily, and last a long time. Custommade is the preferred choice for window coverings as unlike pre-made options, they are designed to your exact specifications: 

  • Being made to fit precisely to the edge of window 
  • Made from the exact material you choose, ensuring a perfect match to your interior design 
  • Motorisation via remote control 
  • And more! 

Types of Custom-Made Window Coverings 

Just about any window covering can be custom made, including: 

White horizontal blinds in modern kitchen.

Closer Look at Venetian Blinds

When ordering custommade venetian blinds, you will have a choice of colours and textures to match your interior. You also get an option of slat widths. Smaller slats still allow you to block light while your blinds are open, maintaining privacy. Smaller-slatted venetian blinds also look better with small or unevenly shaped windows. 

Correct Measurements 

The importance of getting correct measurements for your window coverings cannot be emphasised enough — whether it be blinds, shutters or curtains. Avoid DIY measurements as much as possible and instead get your blind installer to measure. This ensures that you are not faced with the cost of a remake due to a measurement mistake 

Ordering Over the Internet 

Ordering over the internet should be avoided at all costs, unless you live in an isolated area. Companies that sell window coverings (including supposed ‘custom made ones’) through the internet are not interested in you as a customer. The online process removes the most important step  helping you decide. You cannot make the right decision simply by viewing window coverings online. It is a much more complex process that involves you talking directly to a blind installer and feeling the materials for yourself. 

We hope that we have provided you with some great advice on custommade window coverings. To find out more, simply contact our friendly and expert team today. 

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