Blocking Light from the Sides of Your Blinds

Blocking Light from the Sides of Your Blinds

It can be extremely annoying to have light sneak into your rooms around the sides of your blinds. It can be even more troublesome if that slither of light makes its way across your bedroom while you are trying to sleep in and gets you in the eyes. In this article, we will explain how to block that light from the side of your blinds. Abstract of morning light and shadow on tiled wall through window blind shutter

Measure Blinds Correctly or Hire a Professional

The easiest way to block the light from the sides of your blinds is to replace them with blinds that actually fit your windows. There are a number of common mistakes people make when measuring windows for blinds [link to page 15]. To combat this problem, you could do your own research and find out how to measure blinds correctly. Better yet, talk to one of Auckland’s most trusted blind companies about a free measure and quote so that you can be certain that the blinds they cut will fit the windows.

Blockout Blinds

Roller blockout blinds are designed specifically for stopping light getting into rooms. They are perfect for shift workers who need to sleep during the day or for turning your lounge room into a dark cinema in the middle of the day. Blockout blinds are the thick, heavy duty cousins of roller sunscreen blinds which, when cut at the right size, will stop direct light from penetrating through your window. The main difference with sunscreen blinds is that they will still let light in and you will still be able to see outdoors.

Additional Solutions

Even the best blinds and curtains are likely to have a gap on the sides so that your blinds don’t scrape against the wall. To deal with this, there are two common solutions. The first is custom designed blinds that incorporate a side mounted slide to completely block the passage way of light. The second and occasionally cheaper DIY option is to purchase some ‘L’ shaped plastic bits cut to the size and attach to window frame in such a way that it will reduce the effective size of the window.

Quality Shutters and Blinds in Auckland

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