Succulent on plate

2018 Design Trends – What to Expect

 Stay ahead and impress everyone at Christmas lunch with your knowledge of what’s hot in home décor for 2018.   A Blast of Colour We’re moving out with the minimalistic shades and embracing warm earthliness. Picture terracotta, strawberry red and […]
Woman standing by a window with a cup of coffee looking out past her venetian blinds.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Blinds

Does looking at your options for different products give you a headache? It can be hard to make the right choice, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Choosing the right blinds, in both the functional and […]
Two windows in Auckland with sand-coloured translucent roller blinds

5 Benefits of Translucent Roller Blinds

You’ve looked at all the different pictures and product information, but do you truly understand the benefits of the products you’re considering. At Total Look Blinds, we manufacture, supply and install many different types of blinds and shutters. Today, we’d […]
Timber Venetian Blinds Closed

Timber vs. PVC Blinds

If you’re deciding on blinds for your home, you’ll be weighing up and discussing materials that perhaps you had never given a second thought to. Timber and PVC are two materials that are often discussed in tandem as rivals for […]
White bathroom with white window coverings over large sunny windows.

The Best Window Dressings for Your Bathroom

When it comes to dressing and treating your windows in your bathroom, there are two main considerations to keep in mind: light and privacy. You want to enjoy your bathroom, and a lot of that enjoyment comes with an influx […]
View of Venetian blinds closed from inside with sunlight glaring on other side.

How Window Dressings Can Help to Insulate Your Home

If you live in Auckland you’ve felt both the sun’s harsh UV rays and the winter’s icy kiss. You know what it’s like to both sweat and shiver in your own home, and you know what it is to shake […]