Remote working is on the rise after lengthy lockdowns and improvements to communication technology over the past few years. With increased periods of time spent working at home, staff are beginning to realise creating a calm and comfortable working environment in their home is growing ever more important for productivity and well-being. 

Designing your home office can be a richly rewarding experience. It allows you to personalise your environment to benefit the various aspects of your job.

  1. Style: If Zoom calls are part of your job, creating a stylish backdrop complete with some plants and fancy decor will help grow trust with your clients, employees or colleagues – rather than an unmade bed and messy room in the background.
  2. Lighting: Angling your desk correctly can improve lighting for those important Zoom calls, but can also reduce glare on your computer screen and bright light entering your eyes.
  3. Functionality: How do you like to work? If you’re constantly on calls you may want to create more open space to pace around whilst on the phone. If you’re a designer or trader, you might want a darker and simpler room with minimal distractions.

One addition to your home office that achieves the three above points is installing sheer roller blinds. These translucent roller blinds are a new product in our range. The reason these are perfect for working is that the fabric sits between sunscreen and blockout roller blinds. They offer privacy and can protect you from outdoor distractions, but allow light to filter through beautifully. Translucent blinds are a great choice for allowing additional light whilst providing privacy which means they are good for use during daylight hours. To create a very dark room, suitable for video editors and those who need less light, opt for our roller blackout blinds instead.

If you’re pushed for space in your Auckland home and have no choice but to turn your bedroom into a multipurpose room including a desk, our specialised design allows for two blinds to be installed inside one window frame. Adding a day and night bracket allows a sunscreen roller blind closest to the window and a translucent blind in the front for privacy and light management at night.

Contact Total Look Blinds today to create the home office of your dreams. One of our expert team members can organise a free, no-obligation quote and measure your windows. 

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