How to Stop Your Dog from Chewing Your Blinds

How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying Your Blinds 

Dogs are awesome pets, but when they destroy your things it can be a nightmare. The problem is most common in puppies and younger dogs, although the behaviour can be present in dogs of all ages. Thankfully, the solutions are usually quite simple and just take a bit of care and planning. In this article, we will discuss a few points that should help protect your blinds from your furry friend.  Beagle looking trough window

Try and Identify Why Your Dog is Destroying Blinds 

There are many reasons that can explain why your dog is damaging your blinds. The first step is to characterise the behaviour. Are the blinds only being chewed or damaged when the dog is home alone? What kind of damage is occurring? Are the blinds broken, scrambled or chewed on? Are the blinds blocking access to a window the dog wants to see through? Is your dog chewing all kinds of things, or is it just the blinds? Is the damage only occurring when the dog hasn’t gone for a walk? 

Once you have characterised a few of the factors that are contributing to the damage, you can analyse the behaviour and identify strategies to protect your blinds.   

Provide Alternative Chewing Options 

Young dogs who are teething will chew just about anything. When you are around, it is easier to stop them chewing your important and expensive things, but what about when you go out?  

One strategy can be to only provide some special toys when you go out, and otherwise hide them. Talk to your butcher and vet about what kind of bones might be appropriate for your dog’s age and size so that you can leave a tasty snack if you are away for several hours.  

Another thing to be wary of, if many of your things are being destroyed when you go out, is the possibility of conditioning your dog with separation anxiety. If you believe it’s a possibility, you should do some research and talk to your local vet.  


Dogs can be like children, they have a lot of energy and it will find a way out whether you provide it or not. With this in mind, give your dog an opportunity to tire themselves out and your home might not become a race track.  

Consider Dog Appropriate Blinds 

Venetian blinds with thin slats are notoriously bad news for dogs. They paw at them to see out the window and inadvertently break them or get tangled up in the strings. Similarly, long curtains that drag on the floor are more likely to become dirty. Choose smarter options like roller sunscreen blinds or shutters that are hardier and thus not easy for your dog to destroy.  

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