An office is a place most of us spend a lot of time. Roughly 40-50 hours per week are spent sitting at a desk working. This makes your working environment a very important place. Spending that much time in one room means you’ll want to make a conscious effort to be comfortable in a space that feels calm and productive. One of the more important aspects of any office is lighting. Artificial lighting can have a negative effect on sleep patterns and cause eye strain, meaning you’ll want to encourage natural light instead.

Vertical blinds are a sleek modern option to gain complete control over the light entering your home. At Total Look Blinds, we offer vertical blinds in a great range of colours and styles to suit every office. We believe our blinds are the best in the business. This is why:


  • All installation brackets are cleverly hidden from view
  • Modern aesthetic doesn’t sacrifice quality
  • All components are UV resistant.
  • Material won’t fade over time
  • Minimalist aluminium head rail reduces gap between the head rail and blinds whilst increasing durability.
  • Self-aligning
  • 180 degrees rotation
  • 3-year guarantee on all labour and components

Why are they perfect for offices?

Blinds have always been the go-to choice for office decor due to their reliable functionality and professional look. With rotating blinds and UV resistance, it enables you to block out sunlight completely to reduce glare on the screen and awkward lighting for Zoom calls, no matter what time of day. Our products can also help control temperature by blocking hot summer rays or adding a layer of insulation for those late working nights in Winter.

Total Look Blinds’ custom made vertical blinds are built to match your individual needs. A huge range of fabrics in various colours make it easy for your blinds to slot into your office branding. So, whether it’s a plain set of blinds to blend into the background or a vibrant pair of blinds to make your office and brand stand out, you’ll find both with us. 

Get in touch with Total Look Blinds today for all your office and light control needs. Our expert team is waiting to help transform your place of work into a modern space to benefit from with a free quote and measure.

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