Motorised Blinds Are A Smarter Choice

The modern blinds in our range are the most stylish and functional ways to cover your windows and optimise glare reduction, heat gain reduction, heat retention, shade, privacy and visual appeal. You could say that they are a very smart choice. And, you could also say that our motorised blinds are an even smarter choice.

This is because our motorised blinds are capable of being integrated into a smart home automation system. You can use a smartphone or tablet to control your blinds, no matter where you are. This has obvious advantages from a security point of view. If you’re away from home, you can bring the blinds up in the morning. And at night, you can bring them back down again. It’s just like someone is at home, and that is a huge help in keeping your property secure while you’re away. It’s well known that window coverings that stay closed day and night – or open day and night, for that matter – is an obvious sign someone isn’t home and this is a welcome sight for a potential intruder. Our motorised blinds, working in conjunction with smart home technology, gives your property a much more secure and lived-in appearance.

Our motorised blinds are also ideal for homes where elderly people, children and pets reside as they are easy and very safe to use. As there are no manually operated cords or chains, the potential hazards and difficulties associated with conventional blinds are removed. And as well as smart home technology, our motorised blinds come with a variety of other options for ease of operation including a battery-powered handheld remote control, or a wireless wall-mounted switch.

In summary, our motorised blinds are the ultimate in convenience, simplicity and security. They also incorporate the latest Automate Reactive Technology sensors to automatically adjust your blinds in response to sun, wind and rain, ensuring your home always remains at a comfortable temperature. They’re truly smarter in every sense of the word, and they look good as a bonus.

While we take great pride in all of the blinds we sell, we think our motorised blinds stand out for all of the reasons we have mentioned above, and so many more. For example, ultra-quiet operation and a brilliant yet simple design for easy fitting. There are plenty of other benefits too, so when you’re in the market for blinds, make a smarter choice and talk to us about motorised blinds.  

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