Our shutter blinds are better than ever. As shutter specialists who have sold and installed some of the most beautiful window furnishings in Auckland, that’s a big call to make. But we can make that claim in confidence and it’s down to one magical thing: Thermalite.

Thermalite really is incredible stuff. It’s made from dense polymer foam and is a solid, non-toxic synthetic material. Because it’s a renewable synthetic material, no natural resources are destroyed in the manufacturing process, making it an environmentally friendly choice if you’re after shutter blinds for your home or business. But when it comes to the advantages of Thermalite, we’ve only just begun. 

Our painted Thermalite shutters have the appearance and feel of wooden shutters. But shutters made from Thermalite offer up to three times the insulation properties of conventional wood and vinyl shutters. So, they can significantly reduce the amount of energy required for the heating and cooling of your property. This is a money-saving feature, as well as a sustainable one. 

Thermalite’s appeal only grows as we continue to look at its long list of attributes. Unlike wood, it is water-resistant and fire retardant so it is a safe and durable choice all around the house including areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. But these practical benefits shouldn’t overshadow the fact that Thermalite shutter blinds look as good as they work. 

The wonderful paint finish on our Thermalite shutters guarantees they won’t yellow like other shutters. Plus, the exclusive world patented Ultraclear system has no visible control rod, providing an uninterrupted view. Thermalite shutter’s unique louvre tensioning system will never need tightening or adjusting, and they come with the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the window covering industry.

When you read about all of these practical and aesthetically pleasing features, you could be forgiven for thinking that Thermalite shutters would cost you the earth. Nothing could be further from the truth. They’re probably the most affordable shutters on the market, and with their insulation qualities and low maintenance design, they’ll save you money now and well into the future.

Check out the gallery on this page and you’ll see how beautiful Thermalite shutters are and how they transform the look of a room. They look like wooden shutters but provide such a long list of benefits that it’s the perfect material in so many ways. That’s why we can assure you that our shutter blinds are better than ever.    

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