Security and Your Window Furnishings

There’s no better feeling than being safe and secure in the privacy of your own home. Windows are one of the most common ways burglaries happen. They can occur via criminals breaking in through a window, or they can use windows to check whether someone is home at certain times of the day.Handles for windows

Thankfully, there’s plenty of ways to ensure your windows and window furnishings make your home or office feel safe, secure and private. With proper window security, you can enjoy the peacefulness when you are in your space, and the peace of mind when you’re not.

Here’s 5 ways you can use your window furnishings to enhance your home or office security:


1. Window Locks and Latches

Windows with locks or inside latches will offer you a lot more protection and security at home. You can install simple looks on almost any type of window. Windows that can only be opened from the inside offer a significant deterrent to anyone looking to break into a home or commercial building.

2. Install Shutters

Shutters are excellent sight barriers and deterrents for anyone considering breaking in. Not only do shutters offer complete inside invisibility, but they also look difficult to break into, and trespassers would be more likely to consider a home or office building with shutters as a difficult target.

3. Blockout Blinds

Blockout blinds not only reduce the light and noise coming from outside, but they also offer you complete privacy within your own home or office, day or night. This means potential intruders won’t be able to see into your space, leaving you feeling safe and secure.



Modern technology means automation is starting to become a key part of increasing your home or office security. Automation can come in very handy when you are away. Adding automation to your blinds, shutters or lights will mean you can time exactly when you want it to look like someone is there. You can do this while you are away so that it always looks like the blinds are going up and down, or the lights are turning on and off. This will deter trespassers considerably as they will always think somebody is home.

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