Sleep Easier With Blockout Blinds

Most Kiwis don’t get enough sleep. There’s been a lot of research done into the subject and it’s clear that New Zealanders not only struggle to sleep but also find it difficult to perform at their best because they’re constantly feeling tired. Are you in the same boat? According to the statistics, you probably are. So we suggest you might want to look at roller blockout blinds. These blinds can create the perfect conditions for a better night’s sleep.

The key to their effectiveness is the fabric. All of the fabrics in our roller blockout range completely block out all light. No light can penetrate the fabric, and as a massive bonus, these fabrics give you full privacy and excellent control of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer when they’re fully down.

But right now, it’s sleep we’re focusing on and how you can get more of it. For many years, scientists have studied sleep deprivation and usually come to a simple conclusion; no light in a room means better quality sleep. For example, the Australian Sleep Institute says that when we’re in very dark rooms, our bodies produce the natural sleep-promoting hormone called Melatonin. Melatonin peaks in production at around 3 am and disappears from our system by about 9 am. 

So, how can you create a ‘no light’ sleeping space so that your body can produce the Melatonin you need to sleep? Roller blockout blinds are the easiest and most affordable way to achieve that. That impenetrable fabric allows for the necessary level of darkness in a bedroom by blacking out the ever-increasing level of light pollution while providing excellent insulation and sound-proofing qualities as well. 

It’s little wonder that these blinds, with their unparalleled light control, are a very popular choice with shift workers, families with young children, or anyone that needs to create complete darkness while they sleep – and according to the scientific evidence, we all need to have that light-free environment in our sleeping spaces.

Our roller blockout blinds could have a hugely beneficial impact on your quality of life. After all, a good night’s sleep has always been the foundation for a productive and enjoyable day. So why don’t you finally start getting the amount of sleep you need? Contact Total Look Blinds today to discuss blockout blinds – and to help you make the right decision, our consultants will come to you for a free measure and quote. 

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