The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Window Blinds

Stylish blinds on French-style windows

High-quality blinds can provide privacy, style, UV-protection, and other benefits – they can even boost the value of your home. But choosing which window treatment is right for you can be a daunting task. The team at Total Look Blinds Auckland, New Zealand understands how hard it can be, so we’ve created this guide to help you weigh your options and make the best choice possible.  

Follow our ideas for inspiring window treatments.

Measure First

Before you even start looking at different options for your blinds, you need to know the exact size of each window you want to cover. This will help you decide on the most appropriate blind type for each window and get better estimates of prices.   You should measure exactly where you want the blind or shade to be. For interior blinds, usually you will be measuring to the edge of the window pane, not the edge of the frame, whereas for exterior blinds you’ll generally want to include the frame in measurements. If you really want to be sure, consider getting a free measure and quote by professionals for the most accurate results.  

What Are Your Needs?

The most important thing when choosing blinds (or really any product) is not to try and find out from other people what the ‘best’ option is – there is no blanket best option for everyone. Deciding what’s best means considering your needs and then finding the blind that perfectly meets them.  

Think About Light and Privacy

For each room’s windows, think about how you want to balance privacy and natural light in that space.
  • Do you want the room to be bright and airy or shady and private? Roller blinds allow you to open the windows up, completely letting in light. You can choose more translucent materials to maintain a light feel even when closed, or you can opt for darker shades or blockout blinds.
  • Or, maybe the option to have either at different times? Blinds with rotating horizontal shutters or Venetian blinds give you a lot of flexibility.
  • Need to make a small room feel less cramped? Light-coloured, horizontal shutters will help create the impression of space and keep the room from seeming gloomy and cramped.

Make a Budget and Stick to It

Know exactly how much you have to spend and stick to your budget. This will make decisions about fabric types, extra features, and custom sizes much simpler.  

Maintenance Needs

Different types of blinds require different levels of time and effort to clean and maintain. Think realistically about how much of your life you’re willing to devote to these activities.  

What's Your Style?

Blinds are functional, aesthetic features. Think about your own style and the look of your home – Casual or formal? Traditional or modern?  Choose blinds that complement your own tastes and home.  

Safety Concerns

Finally, if you have young children in your home blinds with loose cords are not a good idea unless you have a reliable way to keep them out of reach. Try opting for window coverings that are adjusted with tassels rather than looped cords. You could even consider home automation – no one was ever strangled by a remote control... that we know of. We also offer free cord safes to keep the roller cords safely attached to the wall.

Speak to the Professionals Today

For help measuring and choosing the right window coverings for you, or custom blinds get in touch with the team at Total Look Blinds. Call us on 0800 449 966!

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