How Window Dressings Can Help to Insulate Your Home

View of Venetian blinds closed from inside with sunlight glaring on other side.If you live in Auckland you've felt both the sun's harsh UV rays and the winter's icy kiss. You know what it's like to both sweat and shiver in your own home, and you know what it is to shake your head at your energy bills as you contemplate how you could possibly spend less. If your home wasn't built with insulation, you might want to start getting creative about different ways you can create insulation in your home. Did you know that windows are some of the main culprits when it comes to allowing heat to escape your home? And we're not talking open windows. The heat goes right through the glass and the panes. Windows can also let in plenty of sunshine, which, if direct, could cause your home to heat up much more than is desirable in the summer. If you want an easy but effective solution to the lack of insulation in your home, here's how some window dressings can help insulate your home:

Roller Blinds: Made with Advanced Technology

There are many different forms of roller blinds available on the market these days, and they all have one thing in common: the fabric is often made with advanced technology that allows for insulation properties. Take, for example, blockout blinds. These innovative blinds serve to completely block out all light. This means that they are made with a fabric that does not allow light to penetrate it. Not only do you get great privacy, but you also can pull them fully down to give your home great control over heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Sunscreen blinds also serve a similar purpose. They allow you to enjoy the light of the sun without feeling its direct heat. With these translucent shades down, you can still see through them while enjoying control over heat and glare in your home, perfect for those hot summer days when you want to enjoy the beauty without melting in the sun.

PVC: Artificial Wood With a Few Perks

PVC is a top-quality synthetic material that takes on the look and feel of wood when it comes to PVC blinds. The material is so incredibly durable that you know it won't rust, fade, chip or crack when exposed to the elements. But the best part about PVC blinds is that they are specially manufactured to be able to resist UV rays. This means that when they are closed, they can protect your home from overheating under solar radiation. In addition, PVC has about 50% higher insulation properties than timber, so you can use them to help keep your home nice and warm in the winter. Are you losing too much heat through your windows? Do you fear that your windows are the cause of too much of the sun's glare heating your home?   

Take this opportunity to invest in smart window covering solutions that will offer you insulation properties. Contact Total Look Blinds in Auckland today.

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